3 steps to separate a PDF to many PDFs

As more and more PDF files are used in our daily life and work, it's inevitable to meet this case to separate a PDF into many PDFs: you receive a large-size PDF file, almost 200MB and including hundreds of pages; however, you need to separate it to individual and separated PDFs saving different pages from original PDF.

Actually, you can easily separate a PDF to many PDFs in 3 steps with a PDF splitter. Simpo PDF Merge & Split allows you to separate a PDF file to many PDFs in seconds. You can download it to give it a shot.

Click below button to download the installation file. Note: only Windows version is available right now.

Then follow below steps to separate a PDF.

1 Add the PDF you want to separate

Click split pdf to several to add the PDF need to separate. And you can see the contained total page number showed in the Page Count field. Of course, you can also check the PDF by clicking View PDF button.

2 Choose a way to separate PDF pages.

This PDF splitter allows you to separate a PDF in three ways:

A. Separate PDF averagely. You just need to enter the number and it will do the rest for you. For example, you have a PDF with 6 pages and you want to separate it to 3 PDFs, just enter 2 in the blank field and the PDF splitter will separate the 6-page PDF file into 3 individual PDFs with 2 pages in each PDF;

B. Extract page(s). If you want to extract some pages from a PDF and save them into another new PDF file, you can choose this way. Just enter the page number that you want to remain, other pages not selected will be deleted from the original PDF.

C. Remove page(s). This works oppositely with second way. If you want to remove some pages from a PDF, just enter those pages number and Simpo PDF splitter will remove them. Others not selected will remain as a new PDF.

3 Separate a PDF to many PDFs

After choosing a way to separate a PDF, click the Split button to start. Seconds later, the PDF is separated into individual PDFs as you want.

Actually, this PDF tool also combines a PDF merger with the PDF splitter, so it can do more than separate a PDF.

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