Convert documents between PDF and Word

PDF file format is well-known for sharing information and exchanging documents. And it is a common way to convert Word documents to PDF format and share Word documents in PDF among readers who do not have Word installed on their computers. The PDF format preserves document's layout and prevents editing in Word. So, sometimes, you might want to convert PDF documents back to Microsoft Word for reusing contents.

In this article, I will introduce several ways to convert documents between PDF and Word so that you can effortlessly save your Word to PDF or convert PDF back to Word, for different Word versions. So, no matter which version you are using, Word 2003, Word 2007, Word 2010 or Word 2013, you can find a solution here.

1 Convert Word documents to PDF format

First. For Office Word 2003, Word 2002-97 users

There are many third-party software products provide the capacity to save Word documents to PDF format when Microsoft has not developed an add-in for Office Word 97-2003 versions.

1. ConvertWord2PDF is an online converter to save Word documents to PDF format. It is designed especially for Word users and totally free to use. Actually, it also supports to convert later Office versions to PDF, like Word 2007.

2. Simpo PDF Creator Lite is also free to use, but it provides more features than to convert Word documents to PDF, it also lets you create PDF from other printable files, like images.

3. Simpo PDF Creator Pro supports more functions to save Word to PDF, it helps to combine many Word documents into one PDF if you need.

convert Word documents to PDF

Second. For Office Word 2007 users

As more and more people need to convert Word documents to PDF, Microsoft develops an add-in called Save as PDF/XPS, which can be applied to eight Office 2007 programs so that Office 2007 users can easily save these to PDF format for sharing.

Third. For Office Word 2010 and 2013 users

Developed to latest Office versions like Word 2010 and 2013, Microsoft build the add-in into Office Suites so that you can directly save your Office Word 2010/2013 to PDF.

2 Convert PDF back to Word for editing

Sometimes when you are working on a file in PDF format, you might want to edit the file in Word. Then you can convert PDF back to Word documents. After all, Microsoft Word provides many wonderful features to edit a file. You can make use of many tools or converters to convert PDF to editable Word.

1. Adobe Acrobat is a professional PDF tool that does not allow you to save PDF files back to Microsoft Word for editing, but it also helps to save PDF to other file formats like Excel and PowerPoint, and it also supports to deal with scanned PDF or images with OCR function.

2. Google Drive is a free online tool. It is actually a cloud service by Google, so you can upload your PDF files to Google Drive and then download as Microsoft Word Docx files. Please note that the converted Word is only saved in docx, which cannot be opened with Office Word 2003 or before versions.

3. Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is a 6-in-1 converter to convert PDF files to Word and other five formats: Excel, PowerPoint, Text, Html and Images.

convert PDF files to Word