Convert PDF to PPT online or with a desktop application?

There are many PDF to PowerPoint converters on the internet you can find to convert your PDF presentations back to PowerPoint slides for editing. Both online converters and desktop PDF to PPT converters are available. So, in this article, I will introduce an online converter and a downloadable one that you can download and install onto your computer for handy use; compare them on advantages and disadvantages, then choose the preferable one.

1. Online converter -ZamZar

ZamZar is a free online converter with which you can not only convert PDF files to many other formats, but you can also convert multiple formats to PDF. Below are some tips to use this online converter to convert PDF to PPT.

First, go to and upload your PDF file to ZamZar.

online pdf to powerpoint converter

Second, choose the output file format - ppt, pptx is also available for choice in the file format list.

Third, enter an effective email address to receive converted PPT files and click the Convert button.

Now, just wait for the converted PowerPoint file.

Pros: free to convert PDF to PPT online.

Cons: have to connent to Internet; require an email address; take some time to wait for converted .ppt file; convert one PDF file at a time, no batch conversion; not support encrypted PDF files.

It's really easy to convert PDF to PPT online with ZamZar, but it takes a long time to receive the converted PPT file. If you are in urgent need to convert PDF files to PPT, this way will make you like a cat on hot bricks. And it does not support batch conversion. So, if you want to convert a batch of PDF files and need the converted PPT presentations immediately, you can use a desktop PDF to PPT converter anyway.

2. Desktop application to convert PDF to PPT

As I mentioned above, there are many desktop PDF to PPT converters on the internet and easy to find one. Simpo PDF to PowerPoint is one of the best desktop PDF to PPT converter, and below are the steps to use it to convert the PDF files to PPT slides.

Step1, download the desktop PDF to PPT converter.

Windows version:     Mac version:

Step2, add PDF files to the converter's interface and convert. You can add a batch of PDF files and the PDF to PPT converter will convert them to PowerPoint at a time.

Pros: batch conversion; get converted ppt slides at once; select specific PDF pages to convert to PPT, convert secured pdf to ppt.

Cons: not free, but free to try: for Windows users; for Mac users.

Both ways have their virtues and faults to convert PDF to PPT, you can choose the more suitable one as you need. If you occasionally convert few PDF files to PPT, an online converter is OK to do the conversion work; but if you often need to convert PDF files to PowerPoint, you'd better use the desktop PDF to PPT converter.

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