Convert PDF to PPTX with A Simple PDF Conversion Tool

Most of us know that it's really easy to make a PDF document from Office files, especially if Office 2007 or later version is used, you can effortlessly convert Office to PDF with a free add-in, save as PDF/XPS, provided by Microsoft to help Office users. However, it's not easy to convert PDF to PPTX back, as there is no another add-in that can be used to convert PDF to PowerPoint 2007 back.

Fortunately, there is a simple PDF conversion tool can help us to convert .pdf to .pptx. It's easy to use with a very friendly UI. It can not only allow converting a batch of PDF files to PPTX presentations at a time, but also converts each .pdf page to one .pptx slide so that you don't need to reformat the converted .pptx slides.

Following are some tips to use this PDF conversion tool to convert PDF to PPTX.

1 Download PDF conversion tool and install

Both Windows and Mac version available, no matter you are using Windows 7, Vista, XP or Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Lion or Snow Leopard, you can download it to convert PDF to PPTX (PowerPoint 2007/ 2010/2013 on Windows, 2008/2011 on Mac.)

Windows version:

Mac version:

Then install it on your computer.

2 Add PDF files

After launching the PDF conversion tool, you can add PDF files in two methods: one is to add by clicking the Add PDF(s) button, if you want to import a batch of PDF files, you need to press the Ctrl button for help; the other is to add with the drag-and-drop function, you can add one or many PDF files to the interface directly. It allows importing up to 200 PDF files.

pdf conversion tool add pdf files

3 Customize options to convert PDF to PPTX

You need to set advanced options by clicking the icon on top left to customize as below to convert .PDF to .PPTX, You can choose to Rename output file or just Replace existing file when the output file name already exists.

.pdf to .pptx

4 Convert PDF to PPTX

Click the Convert button to convert PDF to PPTX, wait for seconds, your PDF files are converted back to PPTX slides.

It's really simple, isn't it? Maybe you can use this simple PDF conversion tool to convert PDF to PPTX by yourself now.

Tips: if you want to convert PDF to .docx/.xlsx/.html/.txt/.jpg/.png and .bmp etc, you could use the smarter PDF Converter and its Mac version - smarter PDF Converter for Mac.

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