Create PDF with hyperlinks preserved from Word and PowerPoint

Many people know how to create PDF from Office file like Excel, Word and PowerPoint, just use some free online PDF creators, like CutePDF or PrimoPDF. But this is not enough, how about the hyperlinks in Word and PowerPoint? Many people want to create PDF with hyperlinks preserved active from original Word and PowerPoint after converting to PDF, but these free online PDF creators do not support retaining hyperlinks.

After trying many PDF creators, I find this one - Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which is not only a professional PDF creator to create PDF documents from most printable files, but also a good solution to preserve hyperlinks in PDF from Word and PowerPoint. Below show some tips to use this PDF creator to create PDF with hyperlinks preserved from Office Word and PowerPoint.

1 Download and run Simpo PDF Creator Pro

Click to download the PDF creator and install it on your computer, then run it by double click on the icon on your desktop. Note: only Windows version is available and it supports Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP.

2 Import Word or PowerPoint files

Click the Add files button to browse and select the Word or PPT files you want to generate to PDF format. Or you can directly choose those files and drag them into the interface.

import files to PDF creator's interface

By the way, Simpo PDF Creator Pro supports to combine imported files into a single PDF, if you want to combine them, just check the option "Merge all files into one pdf file".

3 Set options to preserve hyperlinks in PDF

Click Advanced Settings on the interface, you will see below pop-up dialogue box, choose Reserve word hyperlink in PDF file. Actually, this PDF creator also supports to convert PowerPoint to PDF with hyperlinks.

advanced settings to preserve hyperlinks

Note: Only dominant hyperlinks in Word and PowerPoint will be preserved workable in PDF. The hyperlinks behind images may not be preserved well in PDF.

4 Create PDF with hyperlinks

After setting is done, just click the Convert button to create PDF documents in sequence for imported files. And you could click Cancel button if you want to stop the process of converting.

Cancel creating PDF

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