Decrypt PDF and edit PDF in Adobe Acrobat

As to decrypt PDF, some people may use a rude way to crack the PDF. Actually, you can easily remove PDF encryption with a small and simple PDF tool - Simpo PDF password remover, with which you can decrypt PDF to make it to editable PDF, after that, you can edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat and reuse the contents again.

Following are some tips on how to decrypt PDF and edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat.

1 Decrypt PDF

Here are easy steps to remove PDF encryption with Simpo PDF password Remover:

Step 1, download and install the PDF password remover;

Only for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users

Step 2, add PDF files that you want to decrypt to interface;

Step 3, decrypt PDF with that tool.

2 Edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat

Now the PDF is editable and you can use a PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat to modify PDF. There is PDF editing tool called TouchUp Text Tool in Adobe Acrobat (or Adobe Professional).

Step 1, open PDF in Adobe Acrobat and click Advanced Editing to expand the editing tools. And you'll see several tools showed in Toolbar, just choose TouchUp Text Tool on the right.

Step 2, click on the text you want to edit and a bounding box outlines the selectable text.

Step 3, select the text you want to edit as following: choose Edit > select All to select all the text in the bounding box > drag to select characters, spaces, words, or a line.

With the help of a PDF password remover, you can easily decrypt PDF and edit PDF with Adobe Acrobat. But you have to remove PDF encryption with legal right and respect of the document copyright laws and don't decrypt unauthorized PDF without permission anyway.

Of course, you also have another choice to edit a PDF - convert the PDF to easily editable Word and edit PDF in Word.

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