Extract Pages from PDF Document with a PDF Extractor

Nowadays, PDF has become a preferred and standard file format for electronic documents management. People would like to share exchange information in PDF files. So, inevitably, many people may come across some large size PDF files with many pages, but what they need is several useful pages of the PDF file. So, how to extract pages from PDF and discard those useless pages? If you come across this situation, please follow the steps as below, you can take out specific pages from PDF quickly and easily with a PDF Page Extractor.

1 Download and launch PDF page extractor

Click above button to download the PDF page extractor and launch it by click the shortcut icon on your desktop.

Note: Only Windows Version is available right now.

2 Import the PDF file

Click to select a local PDF file and import it for extracting PDF pages.

3 Choose the way to extract pages from PDF

This PDF page extractor provides two ways to take out specific pages from PDF file, you can choose any one as you need. extract pages from pdf

1. Extract page(s).

This way is helpful when you only want to extract few pages from PDF. Just enter the page numbers of those PDF pages you want to take out of the PDF, then the PDF page extractor will extract all pages you have selected and save them as a new PDF.

2. Remove page(s).

If you want to extract many pages from PDF, you can use this way. This way works oppositely, the PDF page extractor will help to remove useless pages you don’t need and keep useful pages as a new PDF. Just enter the page numbers in the PDF that you don't need, and let the PDF page extractor delete those pages and save non-selected pages as a new PDF then.

4 Extract pages from PDF

Click the Split button to extract pages from PDF. You will get a completely new PDF file as you want in seconds.

By the way, the PDF page extractor used above actually combines a PDF merger with a PDF splitter, so it also supports to combine PDF files into one when you need.

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