How do I unlock PDF password

PDF Documents can be protected by the creator with many specific functions disabled, for example, options of non-printing, non-copying or non-editing. One way around those restrictions would be to make simple screenshots and print those screenshots if printing would be disabled. This however is not the best way and there is actually an easier solution that can help people unlock PDF password.

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of PDF password: a, user password (or called open password). People always set this kind of password to protect their PDF files from being opened by others, unless the PDF file's owner tell you the correct user password, you can't open and view the user-password-protect PDF files; b, owner password. This one is used to put restrictions of copying, editing or printing. Most PDF files we meet are with owner password and we need to remove PDF restrictions when we want to print a PDF file with owner password.

You can also check if a PDF is printable or nor via Security Properties. It's easy: open a PDF file -> go to Document on Menu Bar -> choose Security -> click Show Security Properties.

From above, we know that we can use a PDF password unlocker - Simpo PDF Password Remover, to unlock PDF owner password to make PDF files be printable and replicable. Below are some tips that how do I unlock PDF password.

1 Launch the PDF password unlocker

Click the Free Trial button to download Simpo PDF Password Remover and and install it onto your PC, double click the shortcut icon on your desktop to run it.

Note: Only Windows version is available users who are using Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

2 Import PDF files you need to unlock password

You can import PDF files with the Add PDF(s) button or just use the drag-and-drop function to add a batch of PDF files to the interface for convenience. This PDF password unlocker supports to unlock many PDF files at a time.

3 Unlock PDF password

Click the Begin button and wait for several seconds, the pdf files will be unlocked and you can copy and print them now.

It's really easy to unlock a PDF file password, isn't it? Of course, you need to unlock PDF owner password with legal right. If you want to unlock open password, you firstly have to enter the old one correctly as this PDF password unlocker will not support to crack PDF password without the creator's authorization.

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