How to add or insert text to PDF

As we know, Adobe Acrobat X (Pro or Stand) is the most powerful PDF editor that allows you to add text to PDF; but it's really expensive for personal use and not affordable for most of us. So, in this article, I tell you a cheaper alternative way, you don't need to pay much for the PDF conversion tool used, but can insert text to PDF finally.

First, let me introduce two PDF conversion tools that will be used:

1. A PDF to Word converter (Simpo PDF to Word), with which you can convert the PDF to editable Word format firstly;

2. A PDF creator (optional), to convert Word to PDF back if need.

Step 1, download the PDF conversion and install

You can download Simpo PDF to Word and install it in your computer for common use. Both Windows and Mac version are available.

Windows version: Mac version:

Windows version is for users who are using Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP; and Mac version is for users who use OS X Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Lion.

Step 2, import PDF files

You can click the Add PDF(s) (Windows) or +PDF (Mac) button to import PDF files. Or just drag and drop a batch of PDF documents to the converter's interface. Both Windows and Mac version support batch conversion, so you can add up to 200 PDF files at once.

Tips: If a PDF files with open password is imported, you need to enter right password to unlock it first.

Step 3, add or insert text to Word

Click the Convert button to convert the imported PDF files to editable Word format. After converting the PDF files to Word, you can add text to PDF or insert text to Word as you want. After all, Word is much easier to edit.

Step 4, convert word back to PDF

This step is optional. If you don't need to convert the edited Word back to PDF, you can skip this step. But if you have to convert the edited Word back to PDF, you can download the PDF creator. Please note that only Windows version is available right now.

And if you are using Mac OS X, you can use Preview as a PDF creator. This way to add text to PDF is a bit trouble, but cheaper and workable anyway.

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