How to append PDF Documents

You just download a PDF book from Internet but find it separates into two parts, but you want to merge them into one complete PDF file for easy reading. This is a typical case that you need to append one PDF to another. And sometimes, you want to insert one PDF to other PDF file, even insert some specific pages from a PDF to another PDF file, you can use a PDF merger - Simpo PDF Merge & Split, which does not only allows you to append PDF documents, but it also lets you split a PDF file into individual PDFs.

Step 1, download and install PDF Merger

Click the Free Trial button to download Simpo PDF Merge & Split and install it by following the installation wizard instructions. By the way, it only supports Windows system and allow Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users to append PDF documents right now.

Step 2, import PDF files you want to append together

After launching the PDF Merger, you can click the Add button to import PDF files or use the drag-drop way to add many PDF files at a time. By the way, if you want to delete a wrongly added PDF document, just press the Remove button; and Clear button is used to delete all added PDF documents. And you can adjust each PDF's location in the merged PDF by Up and Down buttons.

pdf merge software

Tips: if you have added a PDF with user password, you need to enter right password to unlock it first before you append one PDF to another.

Step 3, select PDF pages

If you want to append specific pages of a PDF file (resource) with another PDF (destination), you can set the merge method: pitch on resource PDF > click Merge Method > choose any PDF pages in Part range field of the box > press OK, the selected PDF pages in resource PDF will be appended to the destination PDF.

Step 4, append PDF documents

After adding PDFs to the interface, you can append one PDF to another now, just press the Merge button to start. Seconds later, all added PDF documents are concatenated into one.

There are many other functions provided by Simpo PDF Merge & Split, you can download it to have a try or read below articles for reference.

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