How to change PDF to Doc on Mac OS X

PDF (Portable Document Format) is an open standard for document exchange. It has many advantages, for example, it supports multiplatform, high security, good extensibility, etc. However, the PDF files are difficult to edit, which is vexing if there are either changes or additions that you need to make, or if you need to fill out a form that has been saved as in PDF format. Fortunately, there are kinds of useful third-party PDF tools can help change PDF to DOC on Mac OS X and then you could edit PDF in Word. In this article, I show you an efficient way to use a PDF to Doc converter for Mac - Simpo PDF to Word for Mac, to convert .pdf to .doc on Mac for all Mac users who are using OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard.

It's simple! Just follow the tutorial step by step, you can easily change PDF ot Doc Mac OS X in seconds.

First, download and run the PDF to doc converter for Mac

Click to download Simpo PDF to Word for Mac and install it onto your Mac. Find it from your Application list and run it to convert .pdf to .doc on Mac OS X.

Second, add PDF documents

You can add PDF documents in two ways: a. Click the +PDF button. If you want to import a batch of PDF documents, you can press the Ctrl button on the keyboard for help; Or b. Drag and drop a batch of PDF files to the interface with mouse.

Tips: If you add a PDF secured with user password, you need to enter right password to unlock it first before using this PDF to Doc converter for Mac to change PDF to doc on Mac.

Third, set file location

You can set another file folder to locate the converted Word documents for convenience or just put them in default file folder.

Fourth, change PDF to Doc on Mac OS X

The last step is to press the Convert button to start to convert .pdf to .doc on Mac. Few seconds later, the conversion from PDF to Doc is done and you'll get Word documents as you want!

Tips: At the bottom, you could see there is another option for choice - Text, if you check up this, this Mac PDF to Word converter will allow you to extract plain text from PDF to Text on Mac OS X.

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