How to Combine PDFs

Nowadays, people often cope with many PDF files in daily work and life. Sometimes, you may meet the case to combine PDFs into one PDF, especially when you want to well organize a lot of PDF documents like electronic bills in PDF format.

To save your time and energy to find a suitable PDF combiner, I would like to introduce this one - Simpo PDF Merge & Split, which does not only combine PDFs into one, but it also lets you split a PDF into many separated PDF files if you need.

1 Download the PDF combiner and run

Click to download Simpo PDF Merge & Split, then run it by double clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop. Only Windows version is available now, so if you are using Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP, you can download it for a try.

2 Import PDF files need to combine together

You can import multiple PDF files need to combine by Add button, or directly drag those PDF files and drop them into the PDF combiner's interface, then use other buttons like Up and Down to adjust the position of added PDF files. You can also Remove some PDF files wrongly add, or Clear all added files at a time to combine another batch PDF files.

PDF combiner interface

Tips: If you import a PDF with user password, the Password field will show Need, and you need to enter right password to unlock that PDF first before to combine PDFs into one.

3 Select merge method to combine PDFs

There are two methods to choose to combine PDFs - Whole and Partial. Whole is to combine all pages for each PDF, this is a common use as normal PDF combiner. Partial is to merge specific pages for selected PDF files, which is greatly helpful when you want to extract some specific pages from a PDF file.

two methods to combine PDFs

2 Combine PDFs into one PDF

Just press the Merge button to combine PDFs, and wait for seconds, you will get a totally new PDF with all added files combined orderly.

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