How to convert a website to PDF

Many people may come across the below case: when you are surfing, occasionally find a website is useful or beautiful, and want to save it in your computer. How? Copy and paste these pages to a Word file? But type-setting of the whole page is disordered in Word, and it’s time-consuming to select needed contents from website; actually, you can convert web page to PDF, as the PDF will display a website absolutely same as its view in browsers, and it’s easy to do this. Just with a HTML to PDF converter, you can convert a website to PDF effortlessly in seconds.

You will find it is a simple thing to convert web page to PDF with Simpo PDF Creator Pro, a professional PDF creator that works as a virtual printer driver to print the web page to PDF. Below are the steps to use it to convert a website to PDF:

Step 1. Download the HTML to PDF converter

Click the button to download Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which now only supports Windows operating system, such as, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP.

Step 2. Convert a website to PDF

As Google Chrome is most popular browser, I would like to take it for example to show that how to convert web page to PDF: open the web page as current, go to Settings under the Close icon and click Print in the list; in the print option, select Simpo PDF Creator Pro as destination printer, then click Print button.

convert web page to pdf

Of course, you can also choose specific parts from a long web page to convert to PDF, just click the parts number in the Pages field.

Step 3. Convert web page to PDF

A dialog box pops up for you to customize the settings to convert a website to PDF, you can click Settings to give the converted PDF file a password to prevent it from copying, printing, editing, or even opening. Then click the Save PDF button, the HTML to PDF converter will convert the web page to PDF in seconds. Now, open the generated PDF, you will find it is exactly same as the web page.

Actually, Simpo PDF Creator Pro does not only convert a website to PDF, it also supports to convert other files, like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images, to PDF. You can read these related articles to dig its features.

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