How to convert JPG files to PDF free

Recently, many people around me always ask the same question: How to convert JPG files to PDF free? Actually, there are many online converters you can find to convert the JPG images to PDF, but most charges, not free to use, and online ones are not so convenient for handy use.

To save your time and energy to find a suitable one, I write this article to share my experience to use a free JPG to PDF Converter - Simpo PDF Creator Lite to convert JPG images to PDF free. It is easy to use, but please make sure that you have downloaded the program first.

Only Windows version is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP users.

Click the Download button to download the free JPG to PDF converter and install it in your PC for common use. Then follow below steps to convert JPG files to PDF free.

Step 1. Open your JPG file

Open the JPG file you need to convert to PDF format.

Step 2. Choose a free JPG to PDF converter

After opening your JPG file, you will find "Print" option on the top, click it, then a dialogue box will pop up for you to choose the printer as below. Just select "Simpo PDF Creator Lite" as the current printer and click Print button to go to next step.

convert jpg to pdf free

You may wonder: Why PDF Creator Lite shows in the printer list when you convert JPG files to PDF free? That's because this free JPG to PDF converter works as a virtual PDF printer driver to print the JPG images to PDF format.

Step 3. Choose output folder and set advanced options

You can choose output folder to locate the converted PDF documents by clicking Browse... button.

free jpg to pdf converter

And set advanced options via Settings, you can set both owner password and user password to protect your PDF files from copying, printing, editing, even opening.

set password to converted PDF

Step 4. Convert JPG files to PDF free

After settings are done, press Save PDF button to start to convert JPG images to PDF free. Two or three seconds later, your JPG file is converted to PDF format, and now you can upload it to the internet for sharing.

Actually, this free JPG to PDF converter also allows you to convert other files to PDF, like Office to PDF. And the pro JPG to PDF converter - Simpo PDF Creator Pro provides more functions to convert JPG files to PDF, it can even let you combine all JPG files into one PDF, just click below articles to see the details.

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