How to convert Office to PDF in Windows 8?

Even Microsoft Office documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the most popular Word processors, it is difficult, and sometimes impossible, to display them correctly online or send them via email, as the contents in the Office documents, such as text, tables and graphics, may move around or change when display on another computer. So, many people would like to convert Office to PDF for easy sharing and document exchange.

Simpo PDF Creator Pro is an efficient Office to PDF Converter, as it not only converts a batch of Office documents to PDF at a time, but it also lets you combine these files into a single PDF. And it is easy to use, just within three simple steps, you can convert Office to PDF.


office to pdf converter

1 Import Office documents to convert to PDF

You can use the drag-and-drop function to add a batch of Office files together. Even, this office to PDF converter supports a more convenient function – Add folder. When all Office needed to convert to PDF is put in the same folder, using this function will save you much time to add and convert Office to PDF. Just right click in "File name" region, a box shows up for you to select objective files.

2 Setting options to convert Office to PDF

You can combine multiple files to one PDF by checking the option of "Merge all files to one pdf file". Advanced settings allows you to set password to protect the generated PDFs from copying, printing and editing. For your convenience, this Office to PDF converter provides you a choice to select output file location.

set password to protect created PDF

3 Convert Office to PDF

Click the Convert button to convert the Office documents to PDF. In seconds, the job is done, conversion from Office to PDF is completed!

Tips : 1. On right of the interface, there are two other ways to simply convert a single Office fileto PDF - By printing and by right-click. If you have only one file need to convert, right-click is the simplest and fastest way to convert Office to PDF. 2. And if you want to convert PDF to Office back for editing, you can make use of a 6-in-1 PDF converter.

Below list some causes that you may want to convert Office to PDF, if you have met one of them, you can download the Office to PDF converter for a try.