How to Convert PDF File to Excel

You can easily convert PDF files to Excel spreadsheets with a PDF to Excel converter, which can not only extract PDF tables to Excel, but also preserve original text contents and layouts from PDF to Excel spreadsheet. Just several clicks, import PDF files, convert PDF file to Excel. Done! But first you have to download the PDF to Excel converter and install it in your PC.

Windows version for users who are using Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP

Mac version for users who are using OS X Moumtain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard

Then follow the tips as below to convert PDF file to Excel spreadsheets.

Step 1. Import PDF files need to convert to Excel

Click the Add PDF(s) or +PDF button to import PDF files, this PDF to Excel converter allows importing up to 200 PDF files at a time, in addition, you can import a batch of PDF files by drag and drop function to save time.

pdf to excel converter

Step 2. Choose conversion type

In the Conversion type and option field, you can click drop-down list to check the PDF to Excel option, you will see highlight position as above and you have two methods to convert PDF file to Excel. Reserve table only is used for extracting only PDF tables to Excel; Convert whole PDF means that you can preserve all text contents and tables from PDF file to Excel spreadsheets. And there are three file formats for you to save PDF - .xls/.xlsx/.csv, you can choose any one as your need.

Step 3. Convert PDF file to Excel

After setting is done, click the Convert button, several seconds later, all added PDF files are converted to Excel format as you need.

Tips: This PDF to Excel converter is a comprehensive PDF converter that not only supports to convert PDF file to Excel, but also convert PDF to Word documents, PDF to PowerPoint slides, convert PDF to HTML, PDF to Text and PDF to Images. You can read below articles for reference.

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