How to Convert TIFF to PDF Free

Have you ever met this case to convert TIFF to PDF? Your scanner only scans files in .tif format, but what you need is the .pdf format, so, you want to convert .tif to .pdf free. There are really many images to PDF converters on the internet, so, it takes time to find a good one for effective help. So, I shared my experience to convert TIFF to PDF with a free PDF creator program in this article.

First of all, you need to download the free PDF creator program in your computer, click to download Simpo PDF Creator Lite and install it onto your computer to convert TIFF to PDF free.

Kind reminder, this free PDF creator program works as a virtual PDF printer, so, it will print your tiff images to PDF. And it is only compatible with Windows, no Mac version right now.

Step 1, open you tiff image

Open the tiff image you want to convert to PDF format.

Step 2, convert tiff to PDF

You will find a Print option on the top after opening the tiff image, press that button, then a dialogue box will pop up as below, just select "Simpo PDF Creator Lite" as current printer and click Print button.

convert jpeg to pdf

Step 3, convert TIFF to PDF free

After clicking Print button in the step 2, you will see this dialogue box.

free jpeg to pdf converter

a, if you want to change another file folder to locate the converted PDF documents, you could click the Browse... button to customize; or just leave it as default folder.

b, and if you need to set password to protect the converted PDFs from being copying or printing with this free PDF creator program, you can press the Settings button and enter password as below.

c, finally, click the Save PDF button to complete the last step to convert .tiff to .pdf free.

You must have found that, it's really easy to convert TIFF to PDF free when you with a perfect free PDF creator program.

It's a pity that this free version of the PDF creator doesn't support batch conversion, so, if you have many TIFF images need to convert, you can try the pro version - Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which not only converts many images to PDF format at a time, but also allows you to combine multiple images into a single PDF.

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