How to Convert Word to PDF with hyperlink Preserved

Many people may meet this situation: you convert a Word document that contains hyperlinks to PDF format but just find that hyperlinks do not work anymore in the converted PDF. How to convert Word to PDF with hyperlink preserved active in converted PDF? Actually, this problem can be easily fixed with Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which not only lets you create PDF from most printable files like Office files and images, but it also allows you to preserve hyperlink in PDF from Word and PowerPoint.

Step 1. Download the PDF creator

Click to download the PDF creator, it is free to try, and no functionality limitations, only a watermark in output PDF. By the way, Simpo PDF Creator Pro only works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP right now.

Step 2. Add Word files

After installing and running the PDF creator, click the Add Files button to import Word files and you can use drag-and-drop function to add a batch of documents to save your time. Simpo PDF Creator Pro supports to create and preserve hyperlink in PDFs from multiple Word and PowerPoint files.

create PDF from Word with hyperlink

Step 3. Set options to preserve PDF hyperlink from Word

To preserve hyperlink in PDF from Word, you need to customize the option as below in Advanced Settings, just check the option of Reserve word hyperlink in PDF file. And this setting will be checked next time you run this PDF creator.

set option to serve Word hyperlink in PDF

If you want to generate a bookmark in PDF from Word with this PDF creator, please check the option, Auto generate PDF bookmarks according to Word Document Map. And make sure that you have chose the Document Map view in the Word documents.

Step 4. Convert Word to PDF with hyperlink preserved

Click the Convert button to convert Word to PDF with hyperlink preserved. Seconds later, you can open the converted PDF to check if the hyperlink are active or not!

Generally, the hyperlink must be dominant beginning with http://; for other hyperlink in images or linked to other files, it may be not effective sometimes.

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