How to Create A PDF

As we know, Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) is a universal file format that preserves all fonts, formatting, images and color of a source document. Actually, you do not need the expensive Adobe Acrobat Pro to create a PDF. In this article, I tell you a popular Adobe Acrobat alternative creator - Simpo PDF Creator Pro and show you how to create Adobe PDF with it.

Before using this Adobe PDF creator to create a PDF, you can click below button to download it. Only Windows version is available right now, and it supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

After installing the Adobe PDF creator on your computer, please follow below steps to create a PDF.

Method 1. Right-click is the fastest way to create a PDF

Just select a file, right click the mouse, choose Create PDF with Simpo PDF Creator Pro from the list, the interface will pop up and PDF is being created in seconds.

right click to create a PDF

Method 2. Create a PDF by printing

Simpo PDF Creator Pro works as a virtual printer driver, so, it will print the printable files to PDF. Just open the file you want to convert to PDF, go to File, click Print. Below is an example to create Adobe PDF from Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

virtual printer to create PDF

Choose Simpo PDF Creator Pro as current printer in the Name filed, then click OK.

A dialogue box pops up, click Save PDF. Your PDF will be generated in a flash.

If you want to convert many files to PDF format at a time, you can use the user-interface way, and you can also customize settings to let this Adobe PDF creator combine multiple files into one PDF.

create and combine files to PDF

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