How to cut pages from PDF file

PDF files are common in our daily life and work, then you may have come across some situations to cut PDF pages. For example, someone send you a large-size PDF file but only several pages in the PDF are useful for you, at this time, you want to cut these pages from the PDF.

Actually, you can easily cut any specific pages from a multi-page PDF file if you have installed a PDF cutter software, Simpo PDF Merge & Split, which lets users effortlessly cut PDF pages and save cuted PDF pages as a new one. You can follow steps to cut pages from PDF file.

Step 1, download and install the PDF cutter software

Click to download Simpo PDF Merge & Split onto your computer and install it for common use. Note: Only Windows version is available right now for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users.

Step 2, import the PDF file you want to cut pages

After starting the PDF cutter software, just the browse button to import a PDF file you want to cut pages from. It only supports to deal with one PDF file at a time, not supports a batch of PDF files.

cut pdf pages

Step 3, choose a method to cut PDF pages

This PDF cutter software provides three methods cut pages from PDF:

A. By every N page(s); if you want to cut PDF pages sequentially and save one part of the PDF as a new PDF, this method is workable. For example, you have a PDF of 20 pages, and you want to cut page 6-10 and save these pages to another PDF, then you can type 5 in the blank field.

B. Extract page(s); if you need to cut specific pages from PDF, check on this option and enter the page number of those useful PDF pages, the PDF cutter software will do the rest for you. Of course, you can also cut one part of PDF in this method.

C. Remove page(s); It's opposite with Extract page(s), so if you want to save most pages of a PDF, this method is preferable. Just enter the page no. of those useless PDF pages, which will be removed from the whole PDF, other PDF pages will be remained and saved as a new PDF.

Step 4, cut pages from PDF

After giving a new name to the output file and setting output folder, now click the Split button to cut PDF pages and wait for seconds, the imported PDF will be cut into parts as you want.

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