How to delete a page from PDF file

How to delete PDF page without Adobe Acrobat? Many people may meet this situation: You just download a PDF file but want to delete one useless page from the PDF and keep other pages for reusing, but you don't have Adobe Acrobat installed. In this article, I tell you a much cheaper PDF tool - PDF splitter, which helps to delete pages from PDF, just like Adobe Acrobat does.

First, you need to download PDF splitter and install it following the installation step by step. By the way, this PDF splitter only works on Windows OS now.

Step 1. Launch the PDF splitter and add PDF file

After installing the PDF splitter, double click the shortcut icon on your desktop to run it to delete PDF page. Then click Browse button in the File name field to import a PDF file.

delete pdf pages

Step 2. Choose the way to delete a page from PDF file

There are three ways to delete PDF pages. 1) Every "N" page. For example, if your PDF is with 23 pages, the "N" is 4, the PDF will be splitted to 5 PDFs with 4 pages, and another PDF with last 3 pages; 2) Extract pages. This function is used to extract the PDF pages you need to a new one; 3) Remove pages. This is exactly we need to delete a page from PDF file, just type the page number of that page you want to delete. Simpo PDF Merge & split will delete PDF pages of selected in seconds. Of course, you can use it to delete any specific PDF pages.

Step 3. Rename new PDF and set output folder

You can give a new name to the PDF that have other pages remained. Also, setting the output folder is allowed to your custom.

Step 4. Delete PDF page

Everything is ready, now click Split to delete a page from PDF file. Two or three seconds later, the page you selected is deleted from PDF.

Just 4 steps, you can easily delete a page from PDF and retain the useful pages, and if you want to delete more pages from PDF, just type the page number of them same as step 2 method 3.

Tips: Simpo PDF Merge & Split combines with a PDF merger and PDF splitter, so, it could not only delete a page from PDF, but also support to merge many PDF files into one.

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