How to Divide PDF into Parts

You just receive a large PDF report with 100 pages, but now you need to divide PDF pages into several reports so that you can send different reports to the staff related. At this time, what you need is a PDF splitter, which will helps to divide PDF into parts with each part containing several PDF pages. So, in this article, I'll introduce you a good method to divide PDF pages with a PDF splitter - Simpo PDF Merge & Split, which also allows you to separate a PDF to many PDFs, remove PDF pages and extract pages from a PDF, etc.

Step 1, download and install the PDF splitter

Click to download Simpo PDF Merge & Split and install it in your PC to divide PDF into parts. By the way, this PDF splitter only support Windows version right now for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users.

Step 2, add PDF file you want to divide

Click the Browse button in the File name field to import a PDF file you want to divide. And you can preview the added PDF with button View PDF.

delete pdf pages

After adding the PDF, you can choose a way to divide PDF pages - by every N page(s), Extract page(s) and Remove page(s). If you want to divide PDF into parts with equal PDF pages, you can choose the first way - by every N page(s), for example, a PDF file has 100 pages, and you want to divide it to 5 PDF files, then you can enter 20 in the blank field. Or extract specific pages from a PDF by clicking the checkbox of the second way - Extract page(s). You can even delete a page from PDF with the third way - Remove page(s).

Step 3, divide PDF into parts

At the bottom of the PDF splitter, you can give the split PDF files a new name; or choose a file folder to locate the split PDF files. Then click the Split button to divide PDF into parts. Seconds later, the PDF file will be divided into several different parts.

You can set different modes to divide PDF pages, as the PDF splitter also combines a PDF merger, so, you can not only divide PDF into different parts, but also merge divided PDFs into another one PDF if you need.

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