How to Edit PDF Text

PDF is more and more widely used in people's daily life and work for its high compatibility, just with a free PDF reader, you can view a PDF file on any computer with any operating system; in addition, its b encryption make PDF be hard to copy, print and edit. However, this will be a drawback when you want to edit PDF text. As we know, Adobe Acrobat is a professional PDF tool to allows users to edit PDF content, but it's too expensive. So, many people would like to find an alternative - edit PDF in Word with a PDF to Word converter.

Below are some tips to edit PDF text with Adobe Acrobat and a PDF to Word converter. You can follow these steps if you need to edit PDF content, no matter you are Windows users or Mac fans.

First, edit PDF text with Adobe Acrobat

Firstly, download Adobe Acrobat X Pro from

1. Choose Tools > Advanced Editing > TouchUp Text Tool, or select the TouchUp Text tool in the Advanced Editing toolbar.

edit pdf text

select editing tools

2. Click in the text you want to edit. A bounding box outlines the selectable text.

3. Select the text you want to edit:
a) Choose Edit > Select All to select all the text in the bounding box.

b) Drag to select characters, spaces, words, or a line.

4. Edit PDF text by doing one of the following:
a) Type new text to replace the selected text.

b) Press Delete, or choose Edit > Delete to remove the text.

c) Choose Edit > Copy to copy the selected text.

d) Right-click the text and choose the appropriate option.

e) Click outside the selection to deselect it and start over.

Second, edit PDF text with PDF to Word converter

This alternative way is a bit trouble in process, as you need to convert the PDF files to editable Word firstly, delete text from PDF or add text to PDF, then save Word back to PDF if need.

1. Download a PDF to Word converter.

Windows version:

Mac version:

2. Import the PDF files you want to edit PDF text to the interface by clicking the Add PDF(s) button.

import PDF files to converter

3. Click the Convert button to convert the PDF files to Word.

4. Edit PDF content in Word.

5. Save Word to PDF.

If you have Adobe Acrobat X Pro, you can use the first way, otherwise, the second way will be preferable, as PDF to Word Converter is much cheaper and easier to manipulate, just need to save Word to PDF.

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