How to Extract Specific Pages from PDF

As PDF format becomes a preferred, standard and world-widely file format for documents management and sharing, people deal with PDF files much often than before. You may receive a big size PDF file but just need several pages in it, or you want to share only part of a multi-pages PDF to your friends. When you happen to meet the above cases, you may want to know the ways to extract specific pages from PDF.

I tell you how to extract PDF pages with a PDF extractor - Simpo PDF Merge & Split, it not only supports to extract specific pages from PDF, but it also allows you to combine many PDF files into one. But in this article, I would like to introduce the split function.

Step 1. Download and run the PDF extractor

Only for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users
Click to download Simpo PDF Merge & Split, and click the shortcut icon on your desktop to run this program to extract specific pages from PDF; you will see the PDF extractor's interface as below.

Step 2. Import the PDF file

Click to import the PDF file you want to extract pages. And you can preview the PDF you added before set split way.

Step 3. Choose the right way to extract PDF pages

There are two ways to extract specific pages from PDF: 1) Extract pages. If you need to extract few pages from a PDF, you can choose this way and enter the page number in the blank field; the pages you have entered page numbers will save as a new PDF, other pages will discard. 2) Remove pages, for the case that you want to retain most of a PDF and just need to delete those useless PDF pages. It works oppositely as the first way. The pages you have entered page number will delete from the PDF and others remain as a new one.

extract pdf pages

Step 4. Extract specific pages from PDF

Click Split button to extract PDF pages, and wait for seconds, a new PDF is generated with extracted PDF pages.

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