How to import PDF to Word document

PDF is a popular file format people's daily life and work. However, you may need to import PDF to Word document sometimes for reusing PDF content, as PDF is really not easy to edit, especially if it is secured with password and you have no PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat X. But in this article, I tell you an easy way to use Simpo PDF to Word converter to import PDF content to Word, on both Windows and Mac operating system (Simpo PDF to Word converter for Mac), to save your time retyping the contents from PDF to Word.

Before using Simpo PDF to Word to import PDF to Word document, I would like to introduce a simple way to import an entire PDF to Word as an object.

Open the Word document > Click the location in the document where you want to import the PDF file > Click the "Insert" tab at the top of the screen, then click "Object," located in the Text group > Click "Adobe Acrobat Document" followed by "OK."

But if you want to import PDF content to Word, you may follow below steps:

Step 1, download and run PDF to Word converter

If you're a Windows user and the OS is Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP, just download the Windows version to have a try; and if your Mac runs OS X Mountain Lion, or Lion or Snow Leopard, download Mac version.

For Windows users:    For Mac users:

After installing, double click the icon on the desktop to run the PDF to Word converter.

Step 2, add PDF files

You can just drag and drop an array of PDF files to PDF to Word converter's interface. Both Windows and Mac versions support batch conversion and you can add as many as 200 PDF files at a time

import PDF to Word

Step 3, import PDF to Word document

Now press the Convert button to import PDF content to Word. Seconds later, the conversion is done and you can click the converted .doc/.docx file name to open and edit the contents.

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