How to Insert Image into PDF

Recently, many people around me ask the same question: How to insert image into PDF? After trying so many PDF tools to solve this problem, I find a method that can fulfill all your needs to add image to PDF documents. Below list some typical cases and give a solution for different cases, you can download the related PDF tools to insert image into PDF if need.

1. Add Image to PDF on the front or behind

Tools used: Simpo PDF Creator Pro

If you are making a PDF ebook and want to insert an image into PDF as cover page, or you want to insert the image into PDF as back over, you can just use PDF Creator for help only, as this tool supports to convert images to PDF and combine images and PDF into another new single PDF file. You can download it to have a try:

Only Windows version is available right now

Step 1. Add the image and PDF you want to combine. You can click the Add Files button to import the files.

inert image into pdf

Step 2. Adjust the position of the image you want to insert. You can Move Up and Move Down to adjust the position in PDF, front as cover page or behind as back over, just click the relevant button.

Step 3. Insert image into PDF. Check the option Merge all files to one pdf file and click the Convert button to complete the process to insert an image into PDF.

2. Insert image into PDF in the middle

Tools used: Simpo PDF Splitter and PDF Creator Pro

When you meet the case need to insert image into the middle part of a multi-pages PDF file, you can try this way.

Download the tools you may need for this case: PDF splitter PDF Creator

First, split the PDF into separated PDF files with the PDF splitter.

Second, add the image need to insert and all splitted PDF files into the PDF Creator Pro's interface, you can adjust the image position same as step 2 above.

Third, insert image into PDF. Just same as step 3 above, click the Convert button to let the PDF creator combine the images and separated PDF file into a single PDF.

Tips: As the PDF splitter does not support to divide one PDF page, so you cannot insert image into the PDF contents, only between pages in a PDF file.

3. Insert multiple images into PDF

Maybe you have to insert multiple images into PDF files, if you only want to insert them into PDF as front pages, just repeat steps in case 1 and case 2.

There are some features about Simpo PDF Creator and PDF splitter, below are articles for reference.

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