How to Join PDF Files into One

There are always some situations that you want to join PDF files into one. For example, your favorite ebook has been separated many parts and downloaded in two or more PDF documents, but you want to join them into a single PDF and transfer it to mobile devices for easy reading. Actually, this can be easily done if you find an efficient PDF joiner.

Simpo PDF Merge & Split is a good PDF joiner to join many PDF files into one, you can download it to have a try.

Only Windows version is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users. Then follow below steps to use it to join PDF files into one.

Step 1, add PDF files to the interface

You can click the Add button to import all PDF files you want to join together. Or just choose these PDF files with mouse and drop them to the PDF joiner's interface. You can also Remove any added PDF file or Clear all imported PDFs; the Up or Down button is used to adjust the location for each PDF in the merged larger PDF.

Step 2, set options to join PDF files

At the bottom of the PDF joiner, you can set the options to join the PDF files together:

1. Give the joined PDF file a new name in the Base name field.

2. Choose an output folder to locate the joined PDF file by clicking the browse button.

3. Customize advanced settings to joined PDF file, like password to prevent other people from printing, changing, copying or extracting your PDF.

set password to joined pdf

Step 2, join PDF files into one

Now, press the Merge button to start to join PDF files into one. And this process to join PDF files together will be finished in seconds.

Above is a simple tutorial on how to join PDF files into one and you can follow the steps when you meet the case needs to join PDF files.

Actually, Simpo PDF Merge & Split also combines a PDF splitter with the PDF joiner and it provide many wonderful features to join PDF files into one, or split a PDF into separated PDF files.

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