How to Make a PDF Document in Windows

As we all know, Adobe Acrobat is really a professional PDF maker, it lets you convert Office documents to PDF, scan file to PDF and print a web page to PDF, but it is a bit expensive. So many people want an alternative for Adobe Acrobat to make a PDF document.

This article introduces an affordable alternative PDF maker - Simpo PDF Creator Pro, and shows the steps to use it to make a PDF document from Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and images. Actually, it not just lets you convert these printable files to PDF format, but it also supports to combine Office and images into a single PDF for easy sharing. It has many wonderful functionalities to make PDF, just follow me to explore them.

Step 1. Download the PDF maker

Click to download Simpo PDF Creator Pro. It is free to download for a try, no functionality limitations. But it is only compatible with Windows system, works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

Step 2. Import the files for making PDF

Click the Add Files button to import the files you want to convert to PDF. If you add a wrong file, just delete the wrongly added file with Remove Files button.

make PDF with PDF creator

Step 3. Make PDF from added files

Click the Convert button to make PDF from added files. Seconds later, you can get a PDF with all contents and formatting preserved from original files.

Useful tips to use Simpo PDF Creator Pro to make PDF:

1. If you want to set a password to protect your PDF, click Advanced Settings to open the dialog box, go to Security and set owner password to prevent from copying, printing or editing; or user password from opening. It is not recommended to give the PDF a user password, as it is not convenient for sharing, unless you are selling PDF ebooks.

2. Sometimes, you want to convert many files to PDF format and combine them into one PDF, you can check before Merge all files to one pdf file to combine multiple files into one PDF. Right now, this combination function is available for Office documents, images and PDF.

3. If you want to convert Microsoft Word to PDF, you can also preserve dominant hyperlinks and generate a bookmark in PDF from Word.

advanced settings: hyperlinks and bookmark from Word to PDF

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