How to Remove a Password from PDF File

PDF is really a good and popular file format in the world. Some use it for sharing information and exchanging documents; some would like to archive company's confidential files with PDF format; others want to view PDF ebooks in their mobile devices, etc. It can be said that PDF becomes a necessary in our daily life. So, it's inevitable that you come across a case that needs to remove a password from PDF. For example, you want to share a PDF to others but don't want them copy or edit the PDF, so you set a password, days later, you want to reuse the PDF content, only find it's not allowed copying, so you need to remove PDF security.

Above shows a situation to remove a password from a PDF file. Actually, you may meet other cases that need to remove a password from PDF in work and life. How to achieve this goal? Luckily, there is a small PDF tool - Simpo PDF password remover, can do this for you. And below are some steps and tips to use it to remove a password from PDF, you can follow them when you need.

Step 1, download and install PDF password remover

Click to download the PDF password remover and install it in your PC for easy use, then start it by double clicking the shortcut icon on desktop. By the way, it only supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP right now.

Step 2, add the PDF file

You can add the PDF file in two methods: a) click Add PDF(s) to add a PDF file; b) drag and drop the PDF to the interface. And this PDF password remover supports batch removal, so, you can remove PDF password for many PDF files at a time.


Step 3, remove a password from PDF

Click the Begin button to start to remove a password from PDF. Seconds later, the process to remove PDF a password from PDF file is finished.

By the way, you must remove a password from PDF with legal right, in order to allow one to remove PDF password legally, this PDF password remover only supports to remove PDF owner password, and if you want to remove the user password from PDF, you must enter the old one to unlock it first.

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