How to Remove PDF Restrictions

Have been annoyed with the user password that you have to enter every time you open the PDF? Or want to copy PDF contents but just find the PDF is restricted with owner password that does not allow copying? Maybe you have met some situations that need to remove restrictions from PDF. Actually, you can easily remove PDF restrictions with a simple PDF restrictions remover - Simpo PDF Password Remover, which will be helpful to remove restrictions from both user password and owner password if you have the legal rights.

You can download the PDF restrictions remover to have a try. Right now, only Windows version is available for Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP users.

Windows version:

Then install it onto your Windows computer and remove restrictions from PDF files as below steps.

Step 1, launch the PDF restrictions remover

After installing Simpo PDF Password Remover, you can double click the shortcut icon on your desktop to run it.

Step 2, import PDF files

You can import the PDF files that need to remove restrictions with the Add PDF(s) button or use the drag-and-drop function to add a batch of PDF files to the interface.

Generally, with the legal rights, you can directly remove PDF restrictions from owner password; but to remove restrictions from PDF files that are restricted with user password, you need to enter the correct old one to unlock them first.

Step 3, remove PDF restrictions

Click the Begin button to remove restrictions from PDF. Wait for several seconds, all added PDF files are removed PDF restrictions, and you can copy and print these PDF files now.

Within 3 steps, you can effortlessly remove PDF restrictions and then you can print or copy the PDF content now. Of course, you need to remove PDF restrictions with legal right..

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