How to Remove PDF Security

In our daily life and work, we may come across many PDF files with security. Sometimes, it's troublesome to open PDF files, this is due to the user password which means the privilege to open PDFs; oftentimes, we could access to them, but what we can do is only reading, no printing, no copying. That is because the authors have set security to protect their PDF files from being printed, changed, copied or extracted.

However, we are actually in need to remove PDF security to copy some contents for reusing the PDF content. Many people may be bothered by this problem about the encrypted PDF files, and wonder how to remove security from PDF efficiently?

Simpo PDF Password Remover is a fast and effectual choice. It will remove security from PDF for large size files in batch. It's easy to use, just import all PDF files you want to remove security by drag-and-drop, and click the Begin button to remove. Below is the detail steps, just follow, you will find it so easy to remove security from PDF files.

First. Download and install PDF password remover

Click to download Simpo PDF Password Remover, and double click the password-remover_setup.exe file, follow the instructions to install it.

Second. Launch the program and import PDF files

After installing, double click the short icon on the desktop to launch the PDF password remover, and then drag and drop a batch of PDF files to the interface.

Tips: In order to remove PDF security of open password, you need to enter the old one correctly to unlock it first.

Third. Remove PDF security

After everything is ready, you can click the Begin button to remove security from PDF. Just for seconds, all added PDF files are removed security, and you can copy and print them now.

Within 3 steps, you can remove PDF security and make the PDF copyable and editable. Of course, you need to remove PDF security with legal right; In order to remove security from PDF with legality, this PDF security remover doesn't support to remove open password protected PDF files which are not yours or you forgot the open password.

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