How to Save Scanned PDF to JPG Images

In our daily life and work, we always meet some situations need to save scanned PDF to JPG. For example, you have scanned the text files into computer and want to save them as jpg format, but find all scanned documents are just saved in PDF. At this time, you have to convert scanned PDF to JPG. Or you may come across other situations that need to save scanned PDF to JPG images. With a PDF to JPG converter, Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate, you can easily fix this problem to save a scanned PDF to JPG, just follow below steps.

Step 1, download the PDF to JPG converter

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate supports both Windows and Mac operating system, so, no matter you are using Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, or OS X Mountain Lion/Snow Leopard/Lion, you can download it for a try.

Windows version: Mac version:

Step 2, import PDF files

Both Windows and Mac version support batch conversion; so, you can add a batch of PDF files into the PDF to JPG converter's interface.

pdf to jpg converter

Step 3, set option to save scanned PDF to JPG

On the right of the PDF to JPG converter, you can find six options for choice, just check PDF to Image option and then you will see below options. To save scanned PDF to JPG, you need to choose Convert whole page to image and jpeg in Image Format selection.

save scanned pdf to jpg

Step 4, convert scanned PDF to jpg

Now click the Convert button to save scanned PDF to jpg images, each PDF page will save as one jpg file. Wait for a few seconds, all PDF files will be converted to JPEG format images.

From the above, you may have found that the PDF to JPG converter also allows you to convert the PDF files to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text and Html web pages. It provide multiple features to convert PDF files, you can read below tutorials for reference.

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