How to set password to protect PDF while creating PDF

Sometimes, you want to create an Adobe PDF file and set password to protect it from people copy and paste the PDF contents. So this article will introduce a way to set password to protect PDF while you create it with a PDF creator.

Simpo PDF Creator Pro will secure PDF with both owner password to prevent from copying and printing and user password to not allow others opening your PDF.

Step 1, download the PDF creator

Click to download Simpo PDF Creator Pro and install it onto your computer to create PDF with password. Right now, there is only Windows version available for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users.

Step 2, add the files to PDF creator's interface

After running the PDF creator, you can click the Add file(s) button to add the files you need to convert to PDF. And you can drag and drop the files directly into the interface to save time.

Step 3, set password to protect PDF

Click Advanced Settings in the interface to open the options, click Security to set password to protect PDF.

set password to protect pdf


a) There are two kinds of security for you specific need - one is Low, which is 40 bit security; the other is High, which is 128 bit security.

b) Simpo PDF Creator Pro also provides two kinds of password to protect PDF: you can set user password to protect PDF from opening or reading by other people; or set owner password to protect PDF.

c) In the Security option, you can set password to secure created PDF from printing, changing, copying or extracting;

Step 4, create PDF with password

Now click the Convert button to create the PDF files, and seconds later, you can try to open and the created PDFs' security properties.

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