How to Split A PDF File to Two or More PDFs

To manage PDF files more efficient, we need to save the useful part, throw the useless. It will be easier to split a PDF file, if you have installed a good PDF splitter.

Simpo PDF Merge & Split is an application that allows you to split a PDF to two or more PDFs. You can split a PDF file based on the page number, or you can split one PDF to multiple different files with specific parts of the PDF. You can download the PDF splitter to have a try, just click below Free Trial button to download it and install it on your computer.

Note: Only Windows version is available for this PDF splitter.

Then follow below steps to split a PDF file to multiple PDFs.

Step 1. Import a PDF

Click split pdf to several to browse and import the PDF need to split, and you can preview the selected PDF with View PDF button.

split a PDF file

Step 2. Choose the method to split a PDF file

This PDF splitter provides three ways to split a PDF file:

1) Split a PDF to two or more PDFs with same pages. If you want to split a PDF file to two PDFs, just enter the number of half pages; if you want to divide the PDF to more PDFs equally, just enter a number of pages that you want each PDF includes. For example, if you want to divide a PDF of 6-pages into three PDFs with 2-pages, just enter 2 in the blank field.

2) Extract pages from a PDF and save these PDF pages to be a very new PDF.

3) Remove pages from a PDF and remain other pages to a new PDF. This way works oppositely as the second way.

So, if you just need to split a PDF to two, enter the number of half pages anyway.

Step 3. Split PDF to two or more PDFs

After you set base name, choose an output file location and customize advanced settings, just click the Split button to split a PDF and wait for seconds, you'll get PDFs as you want.

As I have said above, this PDF splitter also supports to extract pages and remove pages; if you need to extract specific pages from a PDF as a new PDF or delete a page from PDF, you can read below tutorials for reference.

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