How to Split PDF files

We sometimes receive some large size PDF files with many pages, but only several pages are useful for us. At this time, we may want to split selected pages from a PDF file and save these PDF pages as a totally new PDF for reusing. Simpo PDF Merge & Split allows you to split PDF files and merge many PDF files into one if you need. It also supports to remove PDF pages and remain other pages to be a new PDF.

Step 1. Download and run PDF Merge & Split

Click below button to download the PDF Merge & Split software and install it. Then launch this program by double clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop.

NOTE: only Windows version is available right now.

Step 2. Add PDF file and select method to split PDF files

Add file in Select File region. This tool supports three ways for your choice to split PDF files. Just choose one as your need.

split pdf files

1. Split PDF files by the page number

Here, you can split PDF files upon the page number. Just enter a number, then your PDF will be splitted averagely to several PDF files.

2. Split selected PDF page

Sometimes, we just need some specific parts of PDF and want to delete other useless pages, this method could make an effort. You can just indicate the parts which you want to split and enter the page numbers, and this PDF splitter will split selected PDF pages to another new PDF with useful pages, other PDF pages will be deleted.

3. Remove PDF pages

If there is only one page or consequent pages you don't need, then you can this method - Remove PDF pages. Just type the page number or the range of files, then done, all useless pages will be removed and other useful pages will be remained as a new one.

Step 3. Split PDF files as your need

After choosing a splitting method, just click the Split button to split the PDF file, several seconds later, you will get the perfect new PDF exactly as you want.

Simpo PDF Merge & Split also supports to merge many PDF files into a single PDF, you can read below tutorials for reference:

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