How to Unlock and Edit Secured PDF

It's known that PDF is hard to edit without the professional PDF editor Adobe Acrobat. So, if you want to edit secured PDF, it should be harder, because Adobe Acrobat doesn't support to edit secured PDF unless you unlock PDF first. So, many people prefer another alternative way - convert the secured files to editable Word format and edit PDF in Word, then convert Word back to PDF if need.

To convert and edit secured PDF to Word, you need a PDF conversion tool that supports to convert password-protected PDF files. Simpo PDF to Word is a PDF tool that will do this as you want, it allows you to convert secured PDF to Word with good preservation from original PDF to converted Word. You can download and try it to edit secured PDF.

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Step 1, after downloading the PDF to Word converter and installing it in your computer, you can just import PDF files to the interface. If the PDF is restricted with owner password, you can convert it as a PDF without restrictions; but if you want to convert a PDF with user password (or called open password), you need to enter right password to unlock it first to let the PDF to Word converter convert the secured PDF to Word for you.

Step 2, choose the output file format for your specific need; if Word format is selected, this PDF to Word converter will convert secured PDF to editable Word with original contents including images and tables; if you do not need to preserve images or tables or graphics, you can choose Text format, then it will only extract plain text into .txt format. After setting is done, click the Convert button to convert secured PDF to Word.

After two steps to convert PDF to Word, you can effortlessly edit secured PDF in Word document now. Of course, you need to convert and edit secured PDF with legal right and respect of the document copyright laws and don't convert unauthorized PDF without permission.

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