How to Use PDF to Excel Converter

Simpo PDF to Excel Converter is used to convert PDF to Excel spreadsheets. It provides two conversion modes: Reserve tables only and Convert whole PDF and three output types: .xls/.xlsx/.csv, these can fulfill your need to convert PDF to Excel with distinct combinations. Just follow the steps as below, you will find it really helpful when you need to convert PDF to XLS/XLSX/CSV.

You can download it to have a try, both Windows and Mac version are provided for all users.

Windows: Mac:

The interface of Windows PDF to Excel converter

pdf to excel converter

1. You can import PDF files by Add PDF(s) button, and Remove wrongly added PDF documents.

2. Option button lets you choose language; registration button is used to open a dialogue box to enter registration information; and the last button is to find support from Simpo Tech.

3. This section has two output settings - output format or output location. You may choose to convert PDF to Excel with All to Excel, or Only table to Excel, or Only table to csv; and you also have the capacity to select another file folder to locate converted Excel files as your need.

4. Convert button is used for converting PDF to Excel.

If you have downloaded and installed this PDF to Excel converter, you can follow below steps to convert the PDF files to Excel.

1 Import PDF files need to convert to Excel

Click the Add PDF(s) button to import PDF files. This PDF converter to Excel allows you to import up to 200 PDF files at a time and it supports to add PDF files with drag and drop function to save time.

2 Choose output file format you want

Simpo PDF to Excel Converter supports two ways to convert PDF tables - Only table and whole PDF, you can choose any way as you need.

3 Convert PDF to Excel

Click the Convert button to convert PDF to Excel. Few seconds later, your PDF files are converted to the Excel spreadsheets as you want.

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