PDF Merge Split Software - Combine PDF, Split PDF, Remove/Delete PDF Page

Below lists many cases that you may have come across or will meet in future and provides a solution for each ease. You'll find it's not difficult to combine PDF, split PDF, remove PDF pages or delete PDF pages if you own an efficient PDF Merge Split software - Simpo PDF Merge & Split.

Before using the PDF Merge & Split software to combine/merge, remove/delete PDF, you can download it here,

Only for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users

Case 1. Combine PDF

When you receive a lot of PDF documents and want to combine them together into a single PDF, you can call help from a PDF Merger, which is used to merge PDF. And just follow below steps to combine PDFs.

Step 1. Add PDF files you want to combine. After downloading and installing the PDF Merge Split software, run it and add all PDF files that you want to combine together into one to the interface by clicking the "Add" button. You can also Remove a wrongly added PDF or Clear all imported PDFs, and use Up or Down button to adjust the location in combined PDF.

combine pdf

Step 2. Set name and location for output combined PDF. You can give a new to the combined PDF in the Base name field; and set another folder to locate it in Output Folder field.

Step 3. Combine PDF. Press the Merge button to start to combine PDF, and the process will be completed in seconds.

Case 2. Split PDF

If you want to split a large PDF document to many smaller PDFs, just split PDF with the splitting function, which works as a PDF splitter.

Step 1, add a PDF file. Click the Browse button to add the PDF file you want to split and you'll see the added PDF file in File Name field.

split pdf

Step 2, split PDF. You can easily split PDF by clicking the Split button.

Case 3. Remove/delete PDF pages

There are some situations that you want to delete a page from PDF or remove specific PDF pages and remain others as a new PDF. The PDF splitter comes in handy now.

Step 1 and step 2 are the same as above to split PDF; the difference is in the split method, to split a PDF, we choose the first way - by every N page(s), to remove/delete PDF pages, we now choose the third way - Remove page(s) and enter the page number of the PDF pages you want to delete.

Case 4. Recombine splitted PDF

If you want to combine several pages of a PDF to another PDF files, what you need is just the merge features to combine PDFs.

Just click Merge Method to set PDF pages range: click Merge Method > enter PDF pages range as below > press OK to finish setting.

enter PDF page range for file RL31403.pdf

set PDF page range for the-mac-manual.pdf

And the PDF merger will recombine the whole Sample(Owner Password).pdf, pages 5,8,13-18, 35-32 of RL31403.pdf, whole AdobePDFAdvanced6.pdf and pages 7,9,16-30,50-69 of the-mac-pdf-manual.pdf into a brand new PDF document.

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