PDF Merger - Easily Merge 2 PDFs

As PDF is so popular and used widely in people's daily work and life, many people meet the same question: it's not easy to organize or manage PDF files. For example, you receive two PDF files, both are quotation of prices from two different vendors, and need to send the two PDFs to your manager to compare and make a better choice. At this time, you may want to merge two PDF documents together and email it to manager. There are some other situations that need to merge 2 PDFs into 1 and you may have met or will come across one, so, it's necessary for all of us to know a little about how to merge two PDF documents into one.

You can try a PDF merger - Simpo PDF Merge & Split; click below button to download for a try.

Only Windows version is available for Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP users. After installing the PDF merge onto your computer, you can follow these steps to merge 2 PDF files.

Step 1, import the two PDF files

Just click the Add button to import the two PDF files you need to merge. TIPS: If you add a PDF document that is protected by user password, there will show a kind remind - Need in the Password field, and you can click Password button to enter the correct user password.

Step 2, set merge method

This PDF merger provides two methods - Whole and Part Range. Whole is the default way to merge two PDF, and if you want to merge two PDF with specific PDF pages, click the Merge Method button to set > enter PDF pages number for one PDF or both two PDF files.

choose a method to merge 2 PDFs

Step 3, merge 2 PDFs into 1

Press the Merge button to start the process to merge 2 PDFs into 1. Seconds later, you will get a new desired merged PDF file.

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