Convert Excel to PDF


This tutorial shows how to convert excel document to PDF format with Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which is the best Excel to PDF converter that allows you to create PDF from Excel spreadsheets, all excel version, excel 2000/2003/2007/2010 (.xls and .xlsx) is supported to be converted to PDF. If you haven't installed the Simpo PDF Creator, please download it from

Convert Excel to PDF

Simpo PDF Creator Pro works as a virtual PDF printer, so you can convert Excel to PDF by printing instead of a normal printer. Just follow the tips to convert your xls to pdf or xlsx to pdf:

Step 1: Open the excel document which you want to convert to pdf.

Step 2: Go to File->print (or Ctrl+P), and choose Simpo PDF Creator Pro in the browsing windows. In this section, you can set all the properties which a normal printer can achieve. Then, press OK button.

print files to PDF

pdf creator pro

Step 3: The new window will be launched. In this step, you can choose the directory of your output, set the property of your PDF (password, embedded font, allow print etc), then press Create PDF, your file is ready!
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Step 4: Here is the original Excel Document and the converted PDF you will get!

Download MS Excel .xls source Document

Download MS Excel .xlsx source Document

Download Converted PDF Document