Convert Images to PDF


This tutorial shows how to convert Image documents to PDF format with Simpo PDF Creator Pro, which is an easy-to-use Image to PDF Converter that is designed to convert Image to PDF. You can use it as a JPG to PDF converter to convert JPG to PDF. And any image format like BMP, PNG, GIF and TIFF could be converted to PDF format with this Image to PDF converter. Before you convert Image to PDF, you can download it directly clicking:

Convert Image to PDF

Simpo PDF Creator Pro can work as a virtual PDF printer, so you can convert Image to PDF by this printing way instead of a normal printer. Below are steps to convert your images to pdf:

Step 1: Open the image file which you want to convert to pdf.

Step 2: Click print icon, and choose Simpo PDF Creator Pro in the browsing windows. Then, press next button.

Step 3: In this section, you can review your image, and choose which type of effort you want to "print" in the Available Layouts,then press next and finish.

Step 4: The new window will be launched. In this step, you can choose the directory of your outputs, set the property of your PDF (password, embedded font, allow print etc), then press Create PDF, seconds later, your image files are converted to PDF format accurately!

Step 5: Here is the converted PDF you will get!

Download Image .jpeg source Document

Download Converted PDF Document