Convert PowerPoint to PDF


This article is a tutorial to show you how to convert PowerPoint document to PDF format with Simpo PDF Creator Pro, with which you can not only convert PowerPoint to PDF, but also convert Office to PDF and Images to PDF. It is a professional PDF creator can create PDF from most printable files, not just PPT to PDF and PPTX to PDF. But first, you need to download this PDF Creator via below link:

Convert PowerPoint to PDF

Simpo PDF Creator works like a virtual printer, so you can convert PowerPoint to PDF by printing instead of a normal printer. Below is the steps to convert your ppt to pdf or pptx to pdf using virtual print way. If you want to convert batch PowerPoint files to PDF format, you can use the interface way to fulfill your need.

Step 1: Open the PowerPoint document which you want to convert to pdf.

Step 2: Go to File->print (or Ctrl+P), and choose Simpo PDF Creator Pro in the browsing windows. In this section, you can set all the properties which a normal printer can achieve. Then, press OK button.

Step 3: The new window will be launched. In this step, you can choose the file location of your output, set the property of your PDF (password, embedded font, allow print etc), then press Create PDF, your file is ready!

Step 4: Here is the original PowerPoint Document and the converted PDF you will get!

Download MS PowerPoint .ppt source Document

Download MS PowerPoint .pptx source Document

Download Converted PDF Document