2011 Black Friday special offer - giveaway and 50% off

Nov. 24th, 2011 - 2011 Black Friday is approaching on November 25th, one day after Thanksgiving, and usually begins the discount season and shopping spree.

At this special time and in order to appreciate users' support, Simpo Technologies is going to start a series of promotions, like giveaway for PDF Creator Pro and 50% off for PDF Converter Ultimate. That means, all of you can get a totally FREE PDF Creator on November 25th and purchase a 6-in-1 PDF converter while saving 50% off.

Details are below.

1. Giveaway for PDF Creator Pro

The giveaway for Simpo PDF Creator Pro is only available on November 25th, the day of Black Friday. So, you have 24 hours to get this professional PDF creator. If you don't know much about Simpo PDF Creator Pro, below list some wonderful features of it, maybe there are some helpful ones you need.

Feature i: Create PDF in batch. You can convert many files to PDF at a time, as this PDF creator supports batch conversion to save your value time to generate PDF.
Feature ii: Combine many files into one PDF. Simpo PDF Creator Pro not just allows you to convert a batch of file to PDFs, but also provides you a way to combine multiple files into one PDF. It supports whatever printable file formats, Microsoft Office and Images, or even PDF.
Feature iii. Preserve hyperlinks into PDF. Most PDF creators don't support this function, but Simpo PDF Creator Pro will keep the hyperlinks active and clickable while converting Word and PowerPoint to PDF.
Feature iv. Generate PDF bookmark from Word. This is another unique advanced functionality only provided by Simpo PDF Creator, which will automatically generate PDF bookmark from Word documents according to Word Document Map.

But I think the most attractive point is the price, original $29.95, now $0, If you want to know more details, please visit: http://www.simpopdf.com/pdf-creator.html

2. 50% off for PDF Converter Ultimate

This is a really big discount, 50% off, no more than $30, only a PDF to Word converter's price, you can get a multi-function PDF converter ultimate, which combines 6 PDF converters in one.

A: PDF to Word converter. You could easily convert PDF to Word with texts, tables, graphics and images preserved from original PDFs to converted Word documents.

B: PDF to PowerPoint converter. Each PDF page will be converted to one PowerPoint slide to save your time to reformat the converted PowerPoint presentations.

C: PDF to Excel converter. You can not only convert PDF to .xls/.xlsx, but also save PDF to .csv, which is very useful for accounting system.

D: PDF to Text converter. If you want to extract plain text from a PDF file, Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate will help you to achieve this easily.

E: PDF to Image converter. It also works as a PDF to Image converter and support 5 image formats output: JPEG(JPG), PNG, BMP, TIFF and GIF, you could choose any as your need.

F: PDF to HTML converter. Maybe you want to upload your PDF to share some information, but the website doesn't support .pdf format, at this time, you could convert PDF to HTML for uploading and sharing.

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