2012 back to school promotion starts

Aug. 8th, 2012 - Summer vocation is about to come to an end; students and teachers are going to return to school. What do you prepare for the coming new semester? Besides some good hardware facilities like Mac or PC, we also need additional software to make our study or work easy. That's why so many suppliers launches back-to-school promotions. http://www.simpopdf.com/promotion/back-to-school-2012.html The promotion has ended and the link is not clickable right now.

As we know, many materials in high school or college are in PDF format. Professors or instructors make lectures in PowerPoint presentations but store and share them in PDF documents; teachers may want to reuse PDF reference materials for lectures. For these cases, we may need some PDF converters for help to make study and work efficient. That's why Simpo Tech starts 2012 back-to-school promotion.

There are two PDF converters for 2012 back-to-school promotion: Simpo PDF to PowerPoint and Simpo PDF to Word; and their Mac version, Simpo PDF to PowerPoint for Mac and Simpo PDF to Word for Mac.

Something about this back-to-school promotion:

1. Time. The promotion will start from August 13th to September 3rd and divide into two stages: Aug 13th - Aug 26th and Aug 27th - Sep 3rd.

2. Discount. We provide two kinds of discount: 20% off for stage 1 and 10% off for stage 2; all discount are applicable for current price.


Stage 1 starts from August 13th to August 26th, and above four PDF converters are 20% off for current price. For example, the original price for Simpo PDF to Word and Mac version is $39.95, and now they sell at $29.95; but in the back-to-school promotin, you will get additional discount up to 20% off for $29.95 and they are $23.96. That means, you can save up to 40% off. Of course, Simpo PDF to PowerPoint is 20% off for both Windows and Mac version.

Stage 2 lasts from August 27th to September 3rd. The discount will be lower, 10% off for current price. During this promotion period, Simpo PDF to Word (both Windows and Mac version) is priced at $26.96 and you can save up to 33% then.

3. Special gift. In order to appreciate your support in Simpo Tech, we are going to provide you some special gift on our Facebook fan page, you can get some free gift by liking us. Please find us via http://www.facebook.com/SimpoPDF to obtain it.

About Simpo Technologies
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