2013 Back to School special offer: save 20% Off

August 8, 2013 - It is August and the Back to School season is coming; moms are busy shopping for children's school things, the backpacks, pencil, clothes, and more. Actually, not just the school supplies are now give discount for students, the school related industries also provide discount for students, teachers and business.

To make your business easier with PDF files, Simpo Technologies starts the 2013 back to school promotion and gives 20% Off for three popular PDF converters: Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate, PDF to Word converter and PDF to PowerPoint. If you often deal with PDF files and want to convert them to other file formats, you won't miss this chance to get a discount PDF converter.

1 Back to School shopping discount - 20% Off

You can save 20% off to purchase the discount product during the 2013 back to school shopping.

2 Discount products - three PDF converters

A. Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate. With this PDF tool, you can:

* Convert PDF files to Word with good output, preserving original contents, like text, images, tables and graphics.

* Detect and extract tables from PDF files and convert into fully formatted Excel spreadsheets and save as .xls/.xlsx/.csv.

* Turn the PDF presentation into a high quality PPT/PPTX file so that you can easily edit in the converted PowerPoint slides.

* Extract plain text from PDF files and save as .txt with only text contents and layout.

* Convert PDF to widely compatible .html pages with an .index page as a bookmark.

* Extract pictures from PDF files or convert the entire PDF as an image to most popular formats: jpeg, png, tiff, and more.

You can make full use of this 6-in-1 PDF converter to convert your PDF files for reusing the contents. But if you don't want to convert PDF files to so many formats but only Word/Text or PowerPoint, Simpo PDF to Word converter and PDF to PowerPoint converter are also available in discount for back to school shopping.

B. Simpo PDF to Word converter. It is not just a PDF to Word converter, it combines a PDF to Text conversion function; so you can not only convert PDF files with all contents, including text, images, tables and graphics; you can also convert the PDF files to .txt with only plain text and layout.

C. Simpo PDF to PowerPoint. It will easily export the PDF presentation to editable PowerPoint slides while retaining original contents, like text, layouts, formatting, graphs, tables, images, and more.

Both Windows and Mac version for the three converters are now 20% Off for all users, no matter you are using Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and XP, or OS X Mountain Lion, Lion and Snow Leopard, you can get it saving 20% Off during the back to school shopping.

3 Effective time for Back to School shopping

This is a time limited special offer, and you save 20% off while purchasing the three PDF converters from August 15 to 28, 2013. Don't miss it!

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Founded in the year of 2008, Simpo Technologies is an award-winning supplier in the field of PDF conversion and PDF creation software. Though as a young company, Simpo Tech. is recognized by the word as the good quality of PDF products.