Free PDF Creator - PDF Creator Lite is released

Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1, your first and best choice to create PDF documents for free.

After the free version of Simpo PDF Creator Lite was released on April 30th, 2010, Simpo Technologies worked hard on how to improve the functions and make it easier for people to use. And now Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1 is coming.

What can be Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1 do for you?

Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1 not only includes the main functions as preventing version: converting any printable files to PDF documents, just works as a virtual printer, and easily converts Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PPT to PDF, Images to PDF, HTML to PDF; And Simpo PDF Creator Lite includes strong 128bit encryption and set the password to protect your PDF documents against from breach.

But two other implements is added: 1. The way to use the Simpo PDF Creator Lite is easier than before, because the process of using is simplified by Simpo Technologies; 2. The advertising picture is removed and the interface is totally easy-to-use friendly.

So, you couldn’t miss this Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1, because it is absolutely free and easier to use. If you want to completely use the whole functions of Simpo PDF Creator, we recommend Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1, and then you will find Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 fully meet your needs.

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Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 – Batch create PDF document and accurately preserve hyperlinks and bookmarks in document. It is available to merge PDF documents.

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Simpo PDF Merge & Split2.0 – Easily merge batch of PDFs into one PDF, and split PDFs by page number. At the last, to save your money and for your convenient use, now Simpo PDF releases the three most useful and popular PDF converters in a package with a lower price. And you can get the above related PDF converters (Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1, Simpo PDF to Word, PDF Merge & Split), only pay $49.95. You earned it!

About Simpo

Founded in the year of 2008, Simpo Technologies is an award-winning supplier in the field of PDF conversion and PDF creation software. Though as a young company, Simpo Tech. is recognized by the word as the good quality of PDF products.
At Simpo Tech., we strive to give customer, especially to small business the BEST PDF solution. All the members of Simpo Tech. are working to deliver high quality and easy-to-use software and service to help customers in worldwide to make business easier.