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Simpo PDF to Text Converter for Mac is released version 1.0 to help Mac users to extract plain text from PDF to text format on Mac OS X.

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Simpo PDF to Word converter for Mac is released official version 1.0, with a great improvement in conversion quality and speed.

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Simpo Technologies launch the 2010 Christmas sale of 50% off discount for the coming Christmas.

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Simpo Technologies is about to launch a giveaway promotion to Simpo PDF Creator Pro for the coming Black Friday.

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Simpo Technologies announces that Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is Released today with a discount to the new release.

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Simpo Technologies announces that Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is about to Release in two weeks!

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Simpo PDF to Word converter Got Editor's Pick on Brothersoft, which is a popular website offering variety of software for free downloading.

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Simpo PDF to Word converter has developed to version 3.1, with which you can easily import at most 200 PDF files at a time by drag-and-drop and preserve PDF hyperlinks in converted Word.

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After the Beta version, Simpo Technologies release the official version of Simpo PDF to Word 3.0, which is greatly improved in quality and speed.

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Simpo PDF to Word 3.0 is released, and you can free activate this PDF to Word converter till Sep 16th.

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A giveaway of the PDF to Word Converter is launched, and big discount activities will last for days.

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Simpo Technologies upgrade other six Simpo products, and now all PDF tools by Simpo supports eight languages.

[August. 09th, 2010] Simpo PDF to Text Supports Eight Kinds of Languages

Simpo Technologies updates Simpo PDF to Text to Version 2.1.5, and now this application supports eight kinds of languages.

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Simpo Technologies launches a giveaway for PDF Password Remover, and a series of discount activities.

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Simpo Technologies Website changed the interface. The new interface is much friendly and easier to use.

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Simpo PDF Password is designed to remove user and owner password, security and restrictions of copying, editing and printing from PDF documents.

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iPhone 4,Make Your PDF doucument Readable from iBooks, and Simpo PDF Creator Pro support to create professional PDF documents with bookmark.

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Simpo PDF Creator Pro upgrades to version 3.1.0, with much powerful functions of preserving hyperlink and bookmark from Word and PowePoint.

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Simpo PDF Creator Lite 3.1, your first and best choice to create PDF documents from any printable files for free.

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To help most user easily and quickly create professional PDF files without paying a cent, Apr. 30th, 2010 - Simpo Technologies announced the release of Simpo PDF Creator Lite to create PDF files for totally free.

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It may be a headache for those who need to change some wording or layout in PDF document. Now PDF conversion tools, such as Simpo PDF to Word, could do a great help to change PDF to editable documents.