PDF to Word Converter got Editor's Pick on Brothersoft

Oct 26th 2010 - Brothersoft is a popular website which provides variety of software for free downloading. And the Page Rank of this website is 7 out of 10. Now Simpo PDF to Word converter got its editor's pick.

Simpo PDF to Word converter is an application that supports to convert PDF to editable Word documents. It could convert PDF to Word with high quality, retains all contents, such as tables, text layouts, graphic objects (Line, Curve and Rectangle, etc) and hyperlinks. What's more, this PDF converter is standalone, so, you don't need to install extra Microsoft Word and Adobe Acrobat or Reader. The most important, it also allows you to convert PDF to Text, that means, you can save money without paying for another PDF to Text converter.

Key Features

1. Easy to use. As the user interface is grandmother-friendly, so, it will be effortless for both computer novice and expert, and Simpo PDF to Word converter supports drag-and-drop function, so, you can easily add batch of PDF files at a time.

2. Save Money. Simpo PDF to Word converter saves your money in two factors. First, it is a standalone application, you don't need Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader installing in your computer when converting PDF to Word. Second, it supports two outputs - PDF to Word and PDF to Text, so, you get two converters at the same time.

3. 500% Faster Speed. This functionality will save you much time to convert batch of PDF files to Word.

4. Convert PDF to Word Accurately. In accuracy of converting PDF to Word, Simpo PDF to Word converter is second to none. It preserves all contents exactly from origianl PDF to converted Word, for example, tables, layouts, hyperlinks and graphic objects like Rectangle.

5. Support Multi Format. You can import Adobe PDF 1.0 - 1.7 formats, even the encrypted PDF files are supported.

You can view this award via http://www.brothersoft.com/awards

Learn more about Simpo PDF to Word: http://www.simpopdf.com/pdf-to-word.html

About Simpo Technologies
Founded in the year of 2008, Simpo Technologies is an award-winning supplier in the field of PDF conversion and PDF creation software. Though as a young company, Simpo Tech. is recognized by the world as the good quality of PDF products.

At Simpo Tech., we strive to give customers, especially to small business the BEST PDF solution. All the members of Simpo Tech. are working to deliver high quality and easy-to-use software and service to help customers in worldwide to make business easier.