Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is Released as expected!

Nov. 19th, 2010 - As expected, Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate is released today.

First, there is some good news to share - Simpo Technologies launches a discount promotion to this new release PDF converter, which means that you can save up to 20% when you purchase Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate during the discount period (from today to E.O.M). You can purchase it visiting:

What can Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate do for you?

1. Convert PDF to Word. All original contents will be retained from PDF to Word, such as text layout, formatting, graphic and tables, even hyperlinks. This PDF converter has intelligent table identification and allows you to extract most kind of PDF tables into Word documents.

2. Convert PDF to Excel. Convert PDF to Excel in Two methods - Partial and Whole. Partial mode is used to export PDF tables to Excel spreadsheets; Whole means that you can convert Whole PDF file to Excel, one PDF page per Excel sheet.

3. Convert PDF to PowerPoint. Present PDF file in PowerPoint slides and allow you to add animation in converted PowerPoint presentations.

4. Convert PDF to Text. Extract plain text contents from PDF to Text.

5. Convert PDF to Images. Extract images from PDF document and save as jpg, png, tiff, bmp, gif, which are the most comment image format.

6. Convert PDF to HTML. View PDF in HTML eBook and allow uploading to website for sharing, preserve hyperlink active from PDF to HTML.

Price & Product Information for Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate

Price: original $59.95, now $49.95 from Nov 19th to 30th.

Product Information:

Moreover, in order to appreciate all fans' support of Simpo products, Simpo Technologies also release another PDF Super Pack, which includes PDF Converter Ultimate, PDF Creator Pro and PDF Merge & Split, and you only need $69.95 to get these three PDF conversion tools.

About Simpo Technologies
Founded in the year of 2008, Simpo Technologies is an award-winning supplier in the field of PDF conversion and PDF creation software. Though as a young company, Simpo Tech. is recognized by the world as the good quality of PDF products.

At Simpo Tech., we strive to give customers, especially to small business the BEST PDF solution. All the members of Simpo Tech. are working to deliver high quality and easy-to-use software and service to help customers in worldwide to make business easier.