Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 is Coming

Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 can auto generate bookmark from Word to PDF

4th,June, 2010 - Simpo Technologies announced the newest version of Simpo PDF Creator – Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1. And now you can use a more convenient way to cope with your works which normal document software can’t fulfill.

Based on the Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.0.1, now, the new version is much more powerful. If you have used our product of Simpo PDF Creator before, you must have found that, the hyperlink in the Power Point could be converted into PDF file correctly, but can’t be opened to the file which the hyperlink links to. But now, Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 can help to solve your problem as above.

New Features for Pro 3.1

1. Hyperlink in PPT to PDF. Newly-added function of converting the hyperlinks in your PPT to the PDF documents. With this new function, people can preserve the hyperlinks accurately, and it is much easier for you to deal with converted PDF document when you need to open other files the hyperlink links to.

2. Word bookmarks to PDF. The other important newly added feature is that Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 can precisely convert the bookmarks in your MS Word documents into PDF files. For example, you will find it is convenient to use bookmarks when you deal with the MS word, you can quickly find the titles and contents you are interested in with bookmarks. But, how about converting the Word to PDF? Many PDF converters can’t convert the bookmarks accurately, or can’t use the bookmarks to read the PDF documents, but Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 can solve this problem. With the help of Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1, you can accurately convert bookmarks in Word to PDF, just set advanced use of Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1, and then you can find it is easy to read the PDF documents with bookmarks just like Word.

3. High speed. With the upgrade, Simpo PDF Creator 3.1 can help you convert the MS office (Word, Excel, PPT etc) to PDFs at a higher speed and save your time efficiently.

Best Value

In order to save your money and for your convenient use, now Simpo PDF releases the three most useful and popular PDF converters in a package with a lower price. And you can get the three PDF converters (Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1, Simpo PDF to Word, PDF Merge & Split), only pay $49.95. You earned it!

After all, Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1 will provide you a much more convenient , efficient, better service ,and it is also your better choice!

Price & Product Information for Simpo PDF Creator Pro 3.1
Price: $29.95
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